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By far the most environmentally friendly solution to pure drinking water. You cut down on costs, go bottle-less and get a customized implementation.

Tim Ogweno, School Principal.

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We specialize and provide bottless water purification solutions in Kenya to improve livelihoods. We do this by ensuring the provision of clean, safe drinking water while helping our clients go bottle-less and thereby playing their part in improving the environmental green footprint.
CBT Purification Products

Bottle-less Water dispensing systems

Enjoy a never-ending supply of delicious purified water for your business or organization. Our systems come in a variety of models including a dual temperature water cooler, multi-temperature water cooler, high capacity water cooler and more.

Bottleless water dispensing systems are perfect for great-tasting water at the workplace. For optimal performance, water dispensing systems require periodic filter changes. We carry replacement carbon filters, sediment filters, RO membranes, tubing and other parts to maintain your water dispensing systems.

Bottle-less Water dispensing systems

CBT Purification Products

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology goes beyond the abilities of typical water filtration by using a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities from water. Reverse Osmosis water filtration provides an effective, chemical-free option to help achieve clean, great-tasting water each and every day. Our large selection of reverse osmosis systems will ensure the right RO system for your home or business.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

CBT Purification Products

Ultra Violet (UV) Systems

Ensure your water is safe with ultraviolet (UV) water purification and disinfection. Ultraviolet systems use UV light to produce purified water for the entire house or organisation. Without adding or taking anything away from water, UV disinfection is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to remove 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms. 

Ultra Violet (UV) Systems

CBT Purification Products

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are a cost-effective way to improve your water quality without using electricity or wasting water. Systems can be specialized to target a particular water issue such as high sediment, fluoride or chlorine taste.

Water Filtration Systems

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Our robust quality assurance systems ensure that our systems and professional staff maintain the highest standards of health and safety

Cost Effective

We leverage on the latest technological development and our experience to design and deliver cost effective solutions to our customers

Flexible Financing Options

We build lasting relationships with our customers by offering flexible financing options that facilitate the acquisition of our systems

Custom Built Solutions

Our team of chemical engineers will design and assemble a bespoke water purification solution based on a needs assessment

Online Consumption Tracking

We provide a web portal for our customers to follow up online on their water consumption system performance and consumption

24hr Customer Service

Our customer service team is always on stand by to offer assistance to our customers through a dedicated telephone line

Free Water Quality Testing

We conduct a free initial test to establish the water quality of our customers' untreated sources to determine the optimal solution

Latest Water Purification Technology

Our vibrant R&D department works hard to ensure that we incorporate the latest technological advancements in our system design

Zero Shortage in Spares Policy

At CBT, we guarantee our customers a lifetime supply of spare parts for our water purification systems thereby increasing useful life